mst_14_pg_020_ext_fullThe newly retired Alan Mulally admits that he had wanted to “kill” the Lincoln brand all together as it was reported from Bloomberg recently. Mulally who many are saying has been the savior for the Ford Motor Company in the recent decade has just stepped down as CEO, and handed the reins to the new boss—Mark Fields.

Mulally admitted that as late as last year he was really considering chopping the Lincoln brand, as the re-introduction of the brand as Lincoln Motor Company was truly beginning to create large amounts of frustration. Mark Fields on the other hand was one of the main hands in bringing back the Lincoln division back to its premier state it once was. This is remarkable news for those who are true lovers of the Lincoln Luxury brand.


Many critics are saying that Fields has made the right choice by sticking with Lincoln even through its frustrating period. The MKX and MKS are going through a major overhaul and it seems like the gamble by Fields can really pay off long-term for the automaker. This could be the story of his tenure as CEO at Ford Motor Company—just like Mulally will be forever remembered for saying Ford from economic crisis.



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