Car adverts are always shouting about fuel consumption, safety ratings, and boot space. Sure, these practicalities are all important when looking at buying a car. But, it’s all very practical. Where has all the fun gone? After all, isn’t that driving is really about? Sometimes, we just want to hit the open road and bask in the sheer thrill of driving! We want to put our foot down on the long coastal roads. We want to throw the car around the corners on country lanes.

We love it when car manufacturers distil the essence of driving and put the fun back into their cars. Enough with the sensible mileage counters and extra seats in the back. Let’s have some fun! We’ve rounded up our pick of the most exciting, thrilling cars to drive. We’re talking about affordable, accessible cars here too. You don’t need to buy a Ferrari to enjoy driving. Let’s take a look.


Mazda MX-5 – Let’s start with the clear winner, shall we? The Mazda MX-5 is a small roadster that has become every motorist’s favourite small sports car. It is widely regarded as the most fun car to drive in the world. It doesn’t have a huge engine, but its lightweight chassis and 50-50 distribution makes it a joy to drive. It’s a convertible with stylish good looks and a cheeky personality.

Mini Cooper – The original Mini Cooper has a legacy and history unlike any other car. The iconic style was reworked and reintroduced by BMW ten years ago, and it was the most successful relaunch ever. The new model is bigger than the original, but the essence of fun is still at its heart. You can pick up a secondhand model at CooperMini for less than £7,000 too, so it’s an affordable treat.

Porsche 911 – Okay, so we’ve snuck one expensive car onto the list! The Porsche 911 is every motorist’s dream. It’s perhaps the world’s most recognisable sports car. Sleek, stylish, and a lot of fun to drive. Getting behind the wheel of a 911 is all about reverting to that indescribably love of driving. Porsche have captured a feeling with this car, and everyone should drive one at least once in their lives!

Jeep Wrangler – Cars don’t have to be fast or sporty to be fun. The Jeep Wrangler proves that many times over! The Wrangler embodies a spirit of adventure. It’s the perfect car to take a road trip with friends and explore new places. Take it off-road and discover new places. This car is all about uncovering a fun new lifestyle. Plus, driving a bigger car is always exciting. The seats are high off the ground, the wheels are large, and you feel powerful behind the wheel! Take some friends and get out on the open road.

Sometimes it’s good to forget the facts, figures, and practicalities. Look for the pure essence of driving, and find a car that you love driving. Why not inject a little fun into your everyday life?


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