If you are looking for a car that reflects elegance, style, performance, and class together, Nissan Sunny is the car for you. If you start checking the car from its design, you will notice that front portion of the car is chic with creases on the bonnet. However, there are no creases or bends on the sides, and the car comes with bulging wheel arches. But, the rear end of Sunny is quite pleasing as compared to other cars of its class.

All About Nissan Sunny 2012 Review

Nissan Sunny 2012 – Impressive Interiors

Now, check the interiors of the sedan and you will surely find that it has an airy cabin. In fact, Nissan Sunny has more space than C-segment or expensive D-segment cars. Furthermore, the light colored interiors make it look more spacious. If you have had a closer look at the Nissan Micra you’d notice that there are certain features or designs of the accessories inside Sunny that are inspired from it, like – air vents, climate-control consoles, and door handles.

Nissan Sunny 2012 – Other Noticeable Features

If you are thinking of buying the top model of the car, you can expect features like keyless start-stop, keyless entry, electrically operated outside rear-view mirrors on both sides of the car, twin airbags for superior driver’s safety during accidents, rear fan vents, and a music system.

Test drive the car on rough Indian road and you’ll see that it can maneuver comfortably over potholes, undulations, and imperfections on the road. Priced at a range of Rs. 5.9lakhs to Rs. 8.9lakhs, you can enjoy superior sedan-class luxury within your budget.

Nissan Sunny 2012 – High On Safety

Sunny can run at a maximum speed of 175 kmph. It can go from 0 to 100 kms within just 15.8 sec! However, you need not worry about safety once you are inside Nissan Sunny as the car features almost all of the safety accessories and gears that you can think of. Not just the airbags or the seatbelts, there are many secondary safety features that will surely impress you. Given below is a list of safety features that you can find inside the car:

  • Rear-view mirror with anti-glare coating – It helps to minimize dangerous glare, especially at night. You can adjust the anti glare mirror’s position with the help of a gear inside the car. The side mirrors at the sides of the car are also coated with a blue tint to alleviate eye fatigue and to reduce glare.
  • Load limiters/pre-tensioners – The pre-tensioners immediately recognizes a slack in the seat belt, while the load-limiters reduce the force experienced by the driver or the passengers.
  • Anti-theft system – If any unscrupulous person tries to open the gates of the vehicle or tampers with any part of it, an alarm is raised immediately. The hazard lamp starts flashing and in case the door, the trunk lid or the hood is forced upon, the electrical power to the engine automatically cuts.

You’ll surely make the right choice in buying Sunny. You can learn all you want to know about Nissan Sunny from a website like Gaadi.com that contains all information regarding cars including user reviews and price listings.

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