There is no doubt that Nissan GT-R is among the fastest super performance car that is produced by Nissan. However, the car has just managed to be the Europe’s Fastest and get the title adding another feather to its hat. The Europe’s Fastest 2015 Nissan GT-R hails from Russia and is built by Gosha Turbo Tech.


The car certainly looks bit different from the regular Nissan GT-R that is seen around in the regular market. This one sports drag radials and has made certain changes under the hood to produce 1,800 horsepower from its engine.

Even in its pure form the car manages to make quarter mile record in 10 seconds, but with all the adjustments made in the vehicle this car managed the quarter mile record in just 7.81 seconds. The only disappointment is that it was just short of the 7.7 second world record set by AMS Performance’s GT-R.


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