Your car’s tyres are a vital safety feature – they’re the vehicle’s only point of contact with the road, and ABS and stability control can’t work correctly if the tyres don’t grip the road well. Despite their importance, tyres are one of a car’s least understood parts; everyone has different needs, and no particular type of tyre works in every situation. In this list, you’ll get some do’s and don’ts on choosing new tyres.

Don’t Economize too Much

Poorly designed, low-quality, cheap tyres can give you less control in emergency stops – and those stops can take longer to achieve. All tyres have traction ratings stamped on the sidewall; choose tyres with an AA or an A rating.

Don’t Overspend

In most cases, name brands cost more – and this applies equally to tyres. Popular brands tend to provide consistently high quality, but less popular names often produce great products at a substantial savings. A trustworthy local tyre dealer or online expert can help you find the best tyres for your budget and your needs.

Don’t Believe that OEM Tyres are a Must

Original equipment (OEM) tyres are the ones that are on your car when it comes from the factory, but sometimes stock tyres aren’t the best choice. Carmakers choose tyres that provide adequate performance in all conditions, and sometimes they choose tyres that favor one attribute over another. As a buyer, you can often get much better tyres after some comparison shopping.

Do Choose the Right Dealer when you Buy Tyres Online in AU

When it’s time to buy new 4×4 tyres, many Australians go to a local shop or the dealership – but these places often have a limited selection. Full-service tyre vendors carry a larger selection, and they’re familiar with local roads and weather. Get some recommendations from local experts, and use that information to buy tyres online.

Do Set Realistic Expectations

Tyres, like most other things, require a level of compromise. High-performance tyres wear out quicker, while off-road tyres offer diminished handling. Talk to a local expert about the concessions you may have to make when choosing a particular set of tyres.

Do buy all Four Tyres at the Same Time

New tyres offer better grip than old tyres do. When one tyre goes bad, it’s best to replace them all – but if you must do two at a time, but the new ones on the back axle. Rotating the tyres every few thousand kilometres will allow them to wear evenly, allowing you to maximize your investment.


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