300Honda is always researching and developing better technologies in different fields and Honda Aircraft Company today made an announcement that their fifth Federal Aviation Administration FAA conforming HondaJet has successfully completed its first flight. HAC said that the first flight was successfully taken on May 16 in Greensboro North Carolina which is the company’s world headquarters.

HAC said that they are really glad that with this because they are advancing towards the final phase of flight testing and that they will get FAA aircraft certification in making world’s advanced light jet. HAC President and CEO Michimasa Fujino said that this is an important milestone for Honda and that the new HondaJet matches all the requirements required for a customer aircraft.

Honda Aircraft Company said that the new Hondajet is among the world’s most advanced light business jet aircraft and it gets the best aviation design that can make it look sleek and aerodynamic. The aircraft length is around 42.62 feet while the wing span is around 39.76 feet and the height of the aircraft is 14.90 feet. The fifth conforming HondaJet also gets the signature HondaJet paint scheme with special edition blue and pearl white finish combined with metallic gold stripe. In terms of performance Honda Aircraft Company claims that this new jet is faster than any other business jet in its class offering maximum cruise speed of 300 Knots True Air Speed at the initial climb to 12,000 feet. The new HondaJet also gets the HondaJet patented Over The Wing Engine Mount configuration, fuselage nose, natural laminar flow wing and composite fuselage. The new HondaJet also offers better function and reliability testing options and various in-flight services. Honda has also included side facing seats and standard lavatory in it. It will also have controller-pilot data link communications. Honda Aircraft Company claims that they will price the fifth conforming jet at around $4.5 million.


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