Before the discovery of Automobile

From the beginning, humans have always wanted to travel around the world, either be on a horse wagon or on a camel’s back in the Sahara desert. People travel 15 to 16 days on foot to reach from one city to another. There was just no way could a man travel from country to country in a few days until a man invented the automobile.

Discovery of Automobile

Let’s go all the way back to 1769 the creator of the first automobile came to being Nicolas Joseph Cugnot. He introduced the world’s first steam-powered engine, which would work on high-pressure steam without much condemnation. But it had a lot of problems like water supply and maintaining pressure but it opened up lots of possibilities with steam engines.

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Moving on to 1801  Richard Trevithick changed the whole vehicle and made it better by relocating the boiler and changing the carriage design, with this new modified design it became. The first street vehicle with a high speed of 13 MPH. The was a race between all the inventor to make the Gas oil engine

Gasoline engines

“Gasoline engine” was presented in 1809. Which uses hydrogen and oxygen as fuel by “Isaac de Rivaz“; The design of the vehicle was inferior.”Jean Lenoir” designed the first gasoline-powered engine in 1862. The  Karl Benz makes the world’s first gas-powered vehicle named ‘The motor wagon’ built-in 1885.

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First Commercial Vehicle

It was the world’s first commercial vehicle. But no one believed it would work even though it was a huge step in engineering then Benz’s wife drove the motor wagon for over 1000 miles which made them believe it would work.

Ford Motor

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In 1903 Henry ford created the first company to mass-produce cars. Even though they were being mass-produced. They were really expensive not affordable for commoners. Then later on in 1908 the introduction of revolutionary ‘Model T’ in the transportation industry by Ford motor company and it became too known as the first affordable automobiles which introduced features such as Headlight, Paddles, horns, and much more this helped Henry became one of the richest people at that time.

Gordon Bennett CupImage source by Wikipedia

1903 The first racing event was introduced ‘Gordon Bennett Cup’
 Cars were made for racing purposes. Some of their features were Powerful engine and sleek   Aerodynamic designs
 First luxurious automobiles were made which intended to give comfort. The main buyers were wealthy citizens.
 First-ever stretched limbos were made were used to transport wealth and famous.
 Jeeps were made which the military saw as an important role they were mainly used in second   world war
 Throughout the coming years, there were lots of changes including increasing of engine power,   more artful designs and spread of cars around the world

Present and Future of Automobiles

These days we have automobiles in every shape and size from motorcycles to SUVs. Automobiles have changed the world. It has become one of the most needed things in the 21st century. If you look into future cars. The Introduce new technology has written below.

Mercedes eq visionSource by Mercedes-Benz

Electric Car, GPU Integration, Sliding doors, Biometrics, etc



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