CG110 in NigeriaThe motorcycle production and sales subsidiary of Honda in Nigeria, the Honda Manufacturing (Nigeria) Ltd introduced the new CG110 motorcycle and started its sale in Nigeria on 10th December, 2104. It is a new 110cc-class model which is based on the big attention towards durability and fuel economy to meet the road conditions and basic customer needs in Nigeria. To expand the global network of Honda, the products’ affordability was further enhanced for this product fetching a sales price of about 100,000 Naira (approximately 65,000 yen*). Honda plans 40,000 units of CG110 to be sold annually.

In addition to the above, two updated 125cc-class models named Ace CB125-D and Ace CB125 were also introduced and began to be sold by Honda. Both these models are well appreciated for their owned qualities. Ace CB125-D offers excellent cargo capacity and rider comfort due to the long seat it adopts while the Ace CB125 is praised for its practical utility and excellent fuel economy.

CG125 in Nigeria

By the addition of a desperately needed, affordable and highly practical new model in the 110cc class the largest segment in the Nigerian motorcycle market, Honda seems to try further expanding its motorcycle sales in Nigeria. In the rapidly growing African countries, the Honda will continue its impressive commitment to facilitate the local needs in the production and sales of Honda motorcycle products.


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