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Honda Freed And Freed Spike Hybrid – Review

Honda Freed 300It has been a long wait for the all new Honda Freed Hybrid minivan and Freed Spike Hybrid tall wagon. Well.your wait is all over now. Honda Motor Co. Ltd., has recently got them going. The 6-seater Honda Freed offers you comfort and convenience- the ones that you would be expecting in a family oriented spacious minivan. Reasonability in pricing adds to the deal of economy. If you are on the lookout for a smooth and sleek ride of spacious comfort, then both Freed as well as the Spike Hybrid from the house of Honda is sure to fit into your bills of needs. Just go to your nearest Honda showroom and get ready to experience a smooth ride and a home like feel with this new car.


Based on the Jazz/fit (Honda Jazz) platform, Freed is available in different versions: A 5-seater, multi-purpose vehicle, a 7-seater version featuring the captain’s seat in the second row and also the 8-seater version. Some of the other exclusive highlights are:

Improvisations brought about

Features and specifications

Performance of the engine

The engine is able to generate 98 Horsepower, the torque measurement comes to the figure of 159 Newtonmeter.
Speed in seconds- 0-60mph in less than ten seconds

Price of the vehicle

You can buy your new car at reasonable rates of affordability. Price is somewhere around $27,027 . But to know the exact price you can contact the nearest Honda showroom.

The leading points of advantages

Some of the cons

Features of safety


It has been launched in Japan, and you can check out the brand specific websites for soliciting details about its availability.


The auto critics as well as the users have been found lauding the minivan on counts of its economy, mileage and eco-efficiency. The Asian market seems to be more optimistic about the family oriented minivan than those existing elsewhere.

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