Honda 1One of the most important factors to consider when buying a car is its reliability: how safe it is, its fuel efficiency credentials, and its average mileage. Buying a vehicle that runs fantastically well to begin with doesn’t necessarily mean that it will continue to do so. There is more than one reason why buyers should educate themselves on the reliability of a prospective purchase. If you are looking for a reliable vehicle, it is important to conduct a thorough search. Thanks to their excellent reliability record, it may be a good idea to begin with cars from Honda UK.

What Car? Gives Honda Its Vote

The prestigious consumer car magazine, What Car? has ranked Honda number 1 in its annual Reliability Survey for the 7th year running. Beating all the other top manufacturers included in the survey is no mean feat, and proves that buying a Honda car really does guarantee reliability.

How to Keep Your Vehicle Reliable: Maintenance and Repair

The first major consideration when it comes to reliability is long term repair and maintenance bills. Though you may find a car at a bargain price, if after three years you’re spending an extortionate amount on repairing faults and problems the cost is soon going to stack up and your expenditure will eventually exceed what you would have originally paid for a reliable car. Avoid these mounting costs by opting for a reliable car to begin with. Honda cars have very low fail rates – only 14% across all their models according to the What Car? survey. This guarantees that, whichever model you choose from their extensive range, it won’t let you down.


Understanding Depreciation

Consumers also need to think carefully about resale value when it comes to purchasing a vehicle. Doing your research into the cars that hold their value well over a long period of time can ensure that you receive a healthy reimbursement when you sell the car at a later date. This can then be used for reinvestment in another car or tucked away as savings. Generally, those vehicles which hold their value are those that are most reliable. This is largely because those buying from the pre-owned market are incredibly cautious about vehicles that, due to their age, may end up costing them a considerable amount. New car offers from Honda UK, voted as such by What Car? are likely to save you a considerable amount of time as they will require less maintenance.

new car offers from Honda UK


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