Honda produces Hydrogen GM FCEV Ramp

Honda of Japan and General Motors of America don’t appear to be ready to give up on hydrogen fuel cell technology just yet. Honda said that it will introduce a new FCEV vehicle with next-generation fuel cell technology in 2024 in a press release.

Together with GM, the technology was developed. Honda has high hopes for the technology, although the program’s objectives are modest. By 2025, Honda intends to sell just approximately 2,000 units per year that are outfitted with the latest hydrogen fuel cell technology. Honda wants to increase these figures to around 60,000 units in 2030.

Honda Hydrogen GM FCEV
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In the middle of the 2020s, Honda will start selling its newest fuel cell system modules outside.
Honda plans to start with annual sales of 2,000 units and work to gradually raise them. The company wants to reach 60,000 units by 2030 and a few hundred thousand units annually by the second part of the 2030s, according to a press release from Honda.

The innovative hydrogen fuel cell system would be applied to more than just passenger cars. Additionally, Honda wants to deploy the technology in commercial vehicles like heavy-duty trucks. The technique may potentially be used for stationary power plants and construction equipment. Honda thinks that these uses will enable battery-powered products to coexist with its new hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Honda mentioned that the inspiration for its next FCEV vehicle was the well-liked CR-V crossover SUV. The car is anticipated to have an extensive range and plug-in capability.

In North America and Japan, Honda intends to start selling the brand-new FCEV model in 2024.
The next-generation fuel cell technology will be included in this vehicle, which will be based on the CR-V unveiled in North America last year.

In addition to the benefits of FCEVs, which enable long-distance driving with little refueling time, this brand-new FCEV model will include a plug-in function that provides the convenience of EVs, which can be recharged at home, Honda said in its press statement.


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