Ford is a car brand that is synonymous with quality, reliability and technology. Historians will tell you that the company’s founder built the first affordable, mass-produced car.

Tips and Guide for Buy the Perfect Ford

Henry Ford had the right idea when it came to building popular, affordable cars. And it’s a tradition that continues to this day in the Ford Motor Company. Are you thinking of buying a Ford soon? If so, this handy guide will help you to find your perfect model!

How To Buy The Perfect Ford

What do you need out of your Ford?

An important question to ask yourself is what it is you want out of the Ford you wish to get. Do you want a practical, family car? Do you have a need for speed? Maybe you want a car that is good at driving through off-road terrain?

Ford makes a lot of different models to suit different purposes. It’s worth checking out the GK Group website and seeing what’s currently available in the model lineup.

How much do you want to spend?

Cost is a major factor when deciding what Ford you want to buy. In general, the more cash you’ve got available to spend, the newer (or better) the model you can get.

If you have a young family in tow, you will doubtless want to get as new a car as possible for your money. The reason is so that you can ensure their safety in the event that your car were to get involved in an accident.

Should you buy a new or used Ford?

White or brown bread? Butter or margarine? There are pros and cons to any choice you make in life, and the same applies to whether you buy a new or used Ford.

When you buy a brand new Ford, you have the option to specify any extras such as paint colours and equipment. You will also be able to enjoy the latest technology, and drive around in a car with a fuel-efficient engine.

But the problem with brand new cars is that they can often be expensive to buy. That is why a lot of folks prefer to buy nearly-new or secondhand cars instead. Used Ford cars represent excellent value for money.

Are you bothered about having the newest and greatest model on the market? If not, and you’d love to save some cash, buying a used Ford could be the best option for you.

When buying a used Ford, you also avoid the heavy depreciation hit that new car owners face.

Leasing or buying – which is better?

Following on from the previous question, you will need to decide whether leasing or buying is better for you than paying in cash. Few people are lucky enough to have a few grand in cash spare to buy a car.

Lease repayments are lower than traditional finance ones, but the downside to leasing is that you don’t own the car. All you are doing is paying for the use of it, just like if you were to hire a car, for example.

Good luck with your next Ford car buy!


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