We love buying new cars. There’s a very special feeling associated with walking into a showroom. Do you get that same tingle of excitement? There’s a fresh smell of car polish and leather drifting into your nostrils. The cars all sparkle and gleam with a clean finish. And then it’s all ruined by the enormous price tags. It’s so important that you avoid getting ripped off by your car dealer. You need to make sure you go home with a bargain (not a banger!)

Luckily, we’ve written a complete checklist to make sure you land a fantastic price on your next car. The techniques are especially suited to the used car market, but you can certainly apply them to brand new models too. Have you got your eye on your next dream car? Let’s go and get it.

Do your research

If there’s only one piece of advice you take away from this blog, make sure it’s this one. You need to walk into the dealership armed with knowledge, statistics, and facts. You need to outsmart the dealer. Make sure you know what’s already out there. What are the average prices for the models you’re looking at? Most importantly, what are the running costs of that car? Use ComparaenCasa to compare the insurance quotes before you buy. Only by doing this research will you know when you spot a bargain.

Choose your market

Once-upon-a-time, buying a car was simple. You showed up to the local car dealership, and drove away the same day. There were no other options. Nowadays, you can feast your eyes on the internet markets first. In fact, there are all sorts of private markets for cars; and they’re often cheaper than the dealerships. You can find a car at an online auction like eBay. Or peruse the classified car ads on AutoTrader. By cutting out the middleman, you can go straight to the seller. It will save you a lot of money.

Do the relevant checks

Of course, you must never buy a used car without doing a complete check of the vehicle. Remember, you’re looking for a bargain. But, if you end up with a banger, it’s going to cost you a fortune later on! The first job is checking under the hood. Open it up and take a look at the engine. Your first warning sign is a burning, charcoal smell. Run away if you smell this. Secondly, check the fluids to make sure they’re topped up, and in good condition. Check the air filters for dirt too. Lastly, take a good look at the tyres. Is the tread depth above the legal minimum of 1.6mm? All of these checks will tell you how well the car was looked after.


Finally, if you want a rock-bottom bargain on your car, you’re going to have to sharpen your haggling skills. Start with a low offer, and put your emotions away in a little box. You might have fallen in love with the car, but don’t let the dealer know! Play it cool, and offer 10% below the asking price. You’ll eventually settle in the middle. Deal done.

Congratulations. You just bought a bargain, and avoided a banger!

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