So you’ve got to get your car from A to B. But you can’t drive it there. Maybe it’s busted, or maybe you simply don’t feel like it. It sounds like some kind of logic puzzle, right?

Well, if you happen to have another vehicle, you could tow the car to the desired destination. Many people try to go down this path. But not everyone is successful. You may wonder how that could possibly be. Towing a car seems pretty self-explanatory, right? You just attach the car to the other car and drive. How could you fail? It can’t be that hard!

Towing a car isn’t always as easy as it looks. For the most part, though, it simply involves making the right adjustments to both vehicles. It doesn’t take any particular special skill. You don’t have to have been trained in the art of towing a vehicle.

Here are the things you can do to prevent car damage if you need to get towing!

Get the professionals to do it

Okay, this might seem like a cheeky suggestion. But seriously, towing isn’t always as easy as it looks. And if you’re not 100% confident you can do it yourself, you may just want to get the experts to help you. You could look into towing from Executive Towing Services, for example. While it would be cool to try it out yourself, this is definitely the way that is least likely to result in vehicle damage. It’s what these guys do for a living, after all.



How much can you tow?

You may not know this, but every SUV, car, and truck has a designated ‘tow limit’ set by its manufacturer. Pretty much every vehicle has towed something during its pre-release safety checks. Smaller cars can tow maybe a few hundred pounds. The bigger one can tow thousands of pounds. Of course, you can’t know the weight of a car by putting it on your bathroom scales. But it’s always possible to find out your car’s weight by other means.


I did say earlier that towing doesn’t require special skills. But you should try to get used to the feeling before you embark on your journey proper. Go to an open space – a field, perhaps, or better yet a vacant car park – and practice driving while towing. Get used to how turning feels (spoiler alert: it’s going to feel very weird at first!).



Be careful with what you attach the tow strap to

When you tow, you create an insane amount of pulling pressure. That pressure isn’t something that most of the parts of your vehicle can stand. Ever seen a tow vehicle rip off the front or back of another vehicle? I have. It’s not pretty. A car should have something to which you can properly attach the tow hook. It could be a rounded frame member, or towing eyes, or the front bumper support. It all depends on the make of car you have! If you have a manual for your car, consult it. It should point you to the places that can withstand the pulling pressure of towing.

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