History of Automotives

Back in the early 19th century people use to cover distances on foot or on animals that were not comfortable. Whereas in 1886 Karl Benz invented the first automobiles. Automobiles became broadly available in the early 20th century. People at that time thought that automobiles are only the means of transportation and considered it a luxury.

Car Desgin

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Automotive Role in our Daily Life

Despite now we live in a world where a car is a necessity. Now cars are used in sports, racing, drag racing, etc. These days cars are not just for transportation but also fun and relaxation. We can see around us that millions of people prefer to go in a car for vacations than on a train or airplane. You can stop wherever you want, go through your way, and are free to do anything when you are in your car.

The impotence of Engine in Automotives

Some people mistake cars as just combined pieces of a machine. Cars are much more than that. They have hearts known as the Engine of automobiles. If it does not work properly your car is of no worth. Moreover, the engine is not the only part, but many other parts are necessary for good performance. For instance, if your car does not have suspensions it won’t be better than a donkey cart.


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Most people focus on the comfortability and the luxuries of the automobile at a reasonable price. On the other hand, some peoples focus on speed more than luxuries. The automobile has hastened the life of humans. People are trying to make more powerful engines for trucks to tow heavy loads of goods and other materials. Which helps to provide unavailable things to the inaccessible areas.

Two-wheeler vehicle

Most people think 2 wheels better than 4 as it is smaller than the car and do not stick between peak hours. It gets you to your destination faster. Moreover, it is more thrilling and cooler. Bikes are also more dangerous for riding as it is open from all sides. On the other hand, bikes are more loved by peoples. Bikes use petrol to roll which is easily accessible.


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Making the Automobiles Luxury

Initially, the automobile was made only for transportation. But as we grew, we saw luxuries adding to it. AC, Video player, Speakers, charging point, Ashtray, and some other gadgets which is much more have been added just to make your journey easier and more joyous.


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Cars get more expensive as you move to a more luxurious car. if luxuries were not added to the automobile it would not have prospered this much. One earns to serve his desires; this is the best way to fulfill them.

Automobiles Fuel

As we know that automobiles have made our life easy as pie. We must know how they run. Mostly automobiles run on petrol. Whereas some on gasoline petrol. But as we have advanced. Now we are using electricity as fuel. In the modern electric engines.


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Some of us are trying to make engines that run on water, but it is not as reliable as others. Automobiles need tuning to work properly as it needs fuel.

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