So many of us enjoy driving, whether as a sport or a necessary practical part of our day. But very few of us would ever think that it can adversely affect our health. Sure, we all understand that safety is an integral part of any car. We expect it to protect us when we are in a crash. But we certainly don’t expect to be in many crashes in our lifetime. We hope that crashes will be huge anomalies.


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But our health is something different to our safety. Our safety will be endangered in accidents, whilst health is influenced by continuing conditions and events. You probably think that your car has a bearing on your safety but not necessarily your health. Well, you’d be wrong.

Here are some of the ways that getting behind the wheel is putting your life in danger, and how you can cut down on the risk to your health.

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This is a bit of a difficult one to discuss. It isn’t as though people with cars that produce more emissions are more likely to suffer from inhaling it all the time. The effect of pollution on our bodies is cumulative. This means that all of our cars contribute to the atmosphere, which can affect our health.

You should be thinking about how fuel efficient your car is for the more selfish purposes of saving money already.But you should also be considering this because of the implications for the environment and the air that we breathe. Recently there have been a number of studies that emphasised the ill effects of pollution on the young, old and ill. Think about the world you want your children to live in, and think about what kind of car will be better for them.


Driving is a stressful experience. And there has been plenty of evidence that stress adversely affects your physical health. Stress is likely to cause a higher blood pressure, increase risk of heart disease and depression.

These are just a few of the more obvious ways in which stress can affect your health. In order to avoid stress there are a few things that you can do. You can work on yourself to make sure that you aren’t so easily affected by the situation. You can also begin looking for cars near Bristol that will give you a more pleasurable driving experience. If your car is less likely to break down or not start then you will find the whole experience of getting from A to B far less stressful.


This is a bit of a particular one, but it is extremely relevant. Your posture can have a huge bearing on your health in general. In a car that forces you into an uncomfortable position you will be more likely to suffer from joint problems and general aches and pains. It can also adversely affect your eyesight, causing migraines. You will also find that poor posture will create more long-term issues which can recur throughout your life. Do yourself a favour and find a comfortable car that will make driving a dream.


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