Nissan1Hyundai is now a sophomore in the class of Luxury models. Even though it made a great splash, the automaker thought it be ideal to make some upgrades to the already upgraded Hyundai brand. In 2009

Hyundai took the plunge into the very difficult luxury car segments with the Genesis model, and it faired quite well. But the problem was their competitor Toyota, with their Lexus brand started to undercut them and ultimately it put Hyundai in a position to react.

React they did, and now they have upgraded the Genesis, making it even more appealing and affordable. Some argued that Hyundai was bragging that they could offer this at a discount, even when providing more benefits than their competitors.

The cabin is very conservative, very comfortable and downright cool. On the exterior there were some design cue changes. The Genesis looks more distinctive, and a bit more confident. It doesn’t look like the freshman it once was. The premium features are heavy on the tech side, and ultimately this is a good thing for those who like class and guidance with a gorgeous navigation system.




For those of you who haven’t seen the new Genesis, it may be worth visiting your local Hyundai dealer like Sport Durst Hyundai, and asking to take it for a spin. Even though it is a luxury model, the price is that of a regular family sedan. It is hard to ignore.


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