Ideal Tips For Keeping Your Tyres Safety

Imagine: You’re getting late for a meeting. You rush to your car and as soon as you start to drive, it starts making a weird wobbling sound. Anxiety sets in as you get out and realize that you are sitting on a flat tyre. From here onwards, till you finally get the tyre back in shape, your mind keeps on fussing over the questions, when did I last check the tyres’ pressure? Or checked for damages or their durability? Don’t worry, we have all been there one way or another but the important thing is to not repeat this stressful experience. Tyres are the load bearers of a vehicle and without care, they can destroy even the most luxurious piece. Stress no more because here are some tips and tricks on how to keep your tyres safe and ensure their longevity and efficiency.

Tyres Safety

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Keeping Check on Tyre Pressure can save you a lot

If you are a frequent traveller, make a habit of getting your vehicle’s tyre pressure checked whenever you visit a filling station because whether a tyre is old or new, it is the first thing to look out for in terms of a tyres safety. Tyre pressure needs to be maintained at an optimum level to allow uniform friction between road and tyres.

If not checked, an improperly inflated tyre can spike the vehicle’s fuel consumption and can increase a tyre’s deterioration thus elevating the chances of tyres bursting. On the other hand, care must also be taken to avoid over-inflation of a tyre as that can lessen the road-tyre resistance which in turn might result in reduced handling of the vehicle. A simple air pressure gauge is the best way to measure a tyre’s pressure and depending on the reading, air can be added or removed with ease.

Tread depth is the key to Tyres Safety

Ever wondered why tyres have intricate patterns all over them? They are definitely not decorative, rather they are the reason why tyres have a strong grip and run smoothly on the road. Tread depth is the measure of strength and durability of a tyre. The minimum tread depth for any tyre must be 1.6mm. The deeper the treads, the lesser the risk of a vehicle losing control due to aquaplaning. Therefore, when the tyre treads reach their limit, it means it’s time to change your tyres promptly.

Save on Tyres

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Tyre treads can be analysed by tread depth gauges that are readily available in markets. Also, the condition of tyres can be observed by tread wear indicators which are horizontal bars placed around the tyre. Or you can always rely on the good old penny test to check the tread depth simply by putting a penny inside the grooves around various parts of the tyre to see how deep the tread is.

Wheel alignment is always a good idea

Sometimes while driving, you might observe your car banking towards the right or left side, and as much as you try to keep it in a straight line, the steering wheel just goes off-centre. Maybe long distance driving or that huge bump you carelessly went over caused the tyres to lose their balance. Whatever the reason, this calls for a visit to your local tyre servicing shop. Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of the tyres’ angles, making sure they are all parallel to each other. If left unchecked, imbalanced tyres can cause vibrations in the vehicle that leads to uneven wear and tear.

Make sure tyres live their lives to the fullest

Tyres are the vehicle’s biggest asset. Without them, your gorgeous machine would become useless. If you are smart you can use some tricks to increase their productivity and age. Tyre rotation is the first thing you can do. For example, the front tyres of cars bear the whole load, so they tend to wear much earlier than the rear tyres. A simple cross rotation or straight rotation of tyres should be enough to extend their lives and save you some money.

Secondly, keep in mind the loading capacity of your vehicle. After all, tyres have a limit they can bear and over-loading will just bring more harm than good. Thirdly, it is always a good idea to do a thorough inspection of your tyres for any cracks, cuts or punctures. Remember, minor complications can lead to bigger ones if left unchecked.

Although these tips can prevent early replacement of your tyres, sooner or later. The stage will come when these won’t be helpful at all. At that time don’t cut corners and buy tyres on craigslist etc. After all, there should be no compromise on the tyre’s safety of your loved ones, yourself and of course your beloved vehicle.

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