A recall notice submitted to the US National Highway Traffic Administration claims that a device placed in some Jeep Wranglers that are superfluous might rupture the gasoline tank and provide a fire risk.

Wrangler Recall Alert

The recall, according to Fiat Chrysler, the company that makes Jeep cars, affects 57,885 vehicles, of which 58% are anticipated to contain unused and superfluous frame bolts.


According to Chrysler, the additional bolt might pierce the gasoline tank after a collision, resulting in a fuel spill.

According to Chrysler, it ceased producing Wranglers with additional studs in May 2022 and as of March 9, it was not aware of any incidents or injuries connected to the recall.

The article states that affected owners will be informed of the recall on May 12 and will be given the option to have the frame stud removed for free.

One of the innumerable recalls involving the Jeep brand is this one.

According to analysts like Consumer Reports and JDPower, a brand with a strong reputation that pulls in unsophisticated consumers has the lowest quality available.


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