Mercedes Vision EQS Electric Sports Car Guide

The world is moving into a new era of technology. Every moment is a new step towards learning, modernism, and technology. Soon, smart thought, replace the whole lifestyle into, Smooth, and efficient work promotes speed direction. “At this era of time,” Mercedes respects the technical demand in this period of life. So, the future of Mercedes is in Mercedes Vision EQS or like other models of Mercedes. Because the natural resources of the fuel are becoming low, And People running very speedy toward the comforting. Many of the countries have started the work to find some new natural resources of fuel. at this time it is a great step to introduce the technology in which we can use the Electricity as fuel and it is very beneficial for the whole world and it is very cheap and it also helps the world to save the natural resources.

Mercedes Benz EQS

Image Source by Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes “empowered the world of speed” by introducing the Mercedes Vision EQS Future Electric Car. Mercedes always tries to keep on the top level. In this mega factory, Miracle has happened “known as” Vision EQS.

EQS Interior

The Mercedes EQS has a milestone on the way forward to the future of electric cars. Mercedes always perform and focusing on technical innovation, and responsibility. These variance qualities enhance the ability of Mercedes to produce Vision EQS.

Image Source by Mercedes Benz

Image source: Mercedes Benz


The Vision EQS 360-degree exterior light belt, the digital LED matrix grille, and the DIGITAL LIGHT, headlamps, allow strong relation between vehicle and its road map. The efficient selection of materials for the interior design intended to generate a joyful atmosphere. Exclusive white leather on the seats and the gold-colored highlights, the bright white area between the floor and doors central creates a luxurious environment.



Image Source by Mercedes-Benz

EQS Preference

A joint output of over 350 kW gives the vision EQS the performance of a super sports electric car. The power unit accelerates the speed from 0-100 km/h just in under 4.5 seconds by which gives a comfortable operating range up to 700 kilometers.

The battery charged from Zero percent to Eighty percent in less than twenty minutes is sealed on efficiency standards. It is a very shorter time to charge the battery, So that drive of twenty-minutes is yet enough. The average battery in one complete charge is 435 miles for there sister company. The battery is connected to the two electric motors which pin one on each other, Which jointly provide the power which is 470BHP and 560lb-ft turbo. So, it is enough to get the speed 0 to 62 in 4.2 seconds MPH earlier the speed reaches to there maximum which is 125 MPH All these quality measures promptly differentiating Mercedes EQS from ordinary electric cars. Quality, efficiency, designing, environment friendly, and electro power gadget are the elements who run the promotion campaign of Mercedes Vision EQS.

Image Source by Mercedes-Benz


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