Safer Teen Driving Tips

MINI Financial Services has taken the steps in the right direction towards making a positive impact on making safer teen Driving. A huge problem with teens behind the wheel, as well as adult drivers, is what has been termed as ‘distracted driving’. Whether the driver is texting, eating a meal, changing radio stations, or more, anything that takes there eye off the road increases the chance of an accident.  The National Safety Council states that motor vehicle crashes are the No. 1 cause of death in the United States for 3-34 year-olds, and distraction now joins alcohol and speeding as leading factors.

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MINI Teen Motoring School

Free interactive distracted driving clinics will be offered to licensed high school teenagers. More than 100 local area participants will be educated on the dangers of driver distraction through presentations as well as driving a MINI vehicle on a course with a professional racecar instructor.

Run by an Indianapolis-based group called Miles Ahead the “MINI Teen Motoring School” provides drivers of all ages and ability levels behind-the-wheel training and driving experiences that will hopefully make them safer drivers.  Miles Ahead is the only driving school in the 104-year history of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway that is licensed and authorized to conduct driver training on its grounds. The company was co-founded by 7-time Indy 500 and 4-time 24 Hours of Le Mans competitor, Stephan Gregoire. The Miles Ahead group has chosen MINI as its official car.

Teen Drive Safely

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The BMW Group Financial Services Regional Service Center was excited to show drivers just how quickly and easily distractions can lead to trouble behind the wheel.  While many drivers, both young and old, have heard the term distracted driving, it is hard to grasp just how strongly it affects the ability to drive safely. The weekend program will offer an opportunity for local high school students and their parents to recognize the risks of distraction during driving and realize the benefits of staying alert and responsive.

MINI Driving Course


While driving a MINI Cooper participants must navigate through an ‘impairment course’ applying various distraction levels including. For example, they must navigate a driving course with instructional road signs while counting backward out loud from 100 (research shows this cognizant effort is very similar to having a cell phone conversation). Another exercise is they must wear “Fatal Vision goggles” which simulate an alcohol blood level of intoxication at 0.06 – while technically a legal limit in most states, this minimal amount showcases to students how even a small level of alcohol in one’s blood can cause distraction. Profession racecar instructors are even involved in the clinics – they offer a skid-pad demonstration that teaches students how to recover when a car spins out

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MINI Financial Services has taken on this important cause through its “Miles Ahead MINI Teen Motoring School” held year-round at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But there are also clinics held at various MINI dealerships around the country. To find out where you can find a ‘teen motoring’ clinic close to you just contact your local MINI showroom, such as the MINI of Baltimore car dealership.  Parents will be pleased to make their teens safer drivers, and teens themselves will likely be impressed by the professional internationally acclaimed racecar drivers that are the instructors for MINI clinics.


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