Are you someone that loves driving high-performance hatchbacks? If so, one of this year’s must-have hot hatches is the new Ford Focus RS! It’s the latest model to wear the iconic RS badge, and it does so with great pride and honour.

You have no doubt read some information on what the Ford Focus RS is like to drive. But, if you’re in the market for a new hot hatch, is it a car that you should consider?

Well, that decision is up to you. But, being a Ford fan, let me give you five reasons why owning one could be the best decision you’ve ever made:

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  1. It’s the third-generation Focus hot hatch

    Are you a fan of the Ford Focus in general? If so, you will love the fact that the RS is now available on the third generation Focus models! As you know, the model is perfect for many lifestyles.

    For example, the fact that it’s a five-door hatchback means that it’s practical. Other car makers are following suit with their hot hatches. One notable example is the Renault Clio Renaultsport 200.

  2. It has a monster under the bonnet

    Did you think the Focus RS comes with a tame little 1.0-litre engine as standard? Think again! As standard, the car offers a 2.3-litre turbocharged EcoBoost powerplant. It also boasts a whopping 316 brake horsepower!

    Such a car deserves to get run on the best Super Unleaded fuel you can use, such as Shell’s V-Power Nitro. Just don’t make the old “diesel in petrol engine” mistake at the pumps. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay for someone to come out and empty your tank and clear your fuel lines!

    I know one guy that did that with his mk2 Focus, and he wasn’t a happy bunny! Still, all was well when the diesel got drained from his car.


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  3. It’s the world’s first Focus 4×4

    At least, one that leaves the factory with that as a standard fit! New to the mk3 Focus RS is the fact that it features an all-wheel-drive system as standard. Ford’s performance car team started work on it back in 2007 when the mk2 got released

    Around 70% of the engine’s torque can get diverted to the back wheels. That means you have more traction even on the most enduring of driving conditions.

  4. It handles like a supercar

    You would never expect a car like the Ford Focus to have supercar-like handling. The thing is; this model does! You can chuck this car around corners at speed, and it won’t even bat an eyelid.

    If you want a hot hatch that won’t kill you during spirited driving, the mk3 Ford Focus RS is the car for you!


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  5. It’s a tech geek’s dream come true

    The new Ford Focus RS features a plethora of technology that isn’t usually found in such vehicles. For instance, bi-Xenon headlights come standard, as does the Ford SYNC infotainment system.

So, when are you going to get behind the wheel of the new Ford Focus RS?


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