201099447_fc6d7abd08_z3If you’re finally looking to get yourself a new car, you might not know whether or not you should buy a new one, or second hand one. A decision that many people face when they’re looking to buy a car, each option has its merits. Of course, the option you choose will depend on your own personal circumstance, yet it can help to be clear about the pros and cons of each side, allowing for you to make a better final decision.




One of the main benefits of buying a second hand car, is that it can be much cheaper, than if you were to buy a car brand new. Despite the price difference, however, you must still be careful when you are buying a second hand car, since the person selling the car to you might be hiding something from you.

It is this fear that often drives many people to buy a car brand new. Even if they’re unable to afford a brand new car, people might choose to get a finance agreement, so they’re able to pay for a brand new car with the help of small monthly installments.




You might think that by buying a car brand new, you’re going to end up with a car that is not going to have any problems. However, this is not always the case, since there have been recent issues with brand new cars being recalled, due to having being manufactured with some faults.

Regardless, even if second hand cars have been driven around for a number of years, it does not mean that they are more likely to breakdown. In fact, as long as the car has been taken care of by its owner, there is no reason as to why a second hand car is any less safe.


If you choose to buy a brand new car, you might find that the car you are purchasing comes with a warranty. This warranty can be helpful if you are the owner of a car that develops some problems in the future. Nevertheless, depending on who you choose to use when you’re buying your second hand car, you might also get some warranty on the car you purchase, even if it is second hand.

Different dealerships will offer different deals, and so you should seek out dealerships that offer the best level of aftercare, should you be interested in buying a second hand car. In choosing to speak to trusted companies such as harratts.co.uk, you’ll discover what separates the good from the bad, when it comes to car aftercare.

Time to Decide?

As you can see, each option has its draws and setbacks, when it comes to buying a new or second hand car. You might find yourself attracted by the quality of new cars, yet put off by the price. You might tackle the high price through the use of tailored financing agreements, or you might just opt for a cheaper second hand car. In any case, the choice is yours, and as long as you’re educated before you make your decision, there is no reason to assume that you’d make the wrong decision when you finally do decide.


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