Nissan has been selling its Leaf electric vehicle for nearly years; the vehicle first went on sale in Japan and the United States in December 2010. U.S. Nissan Leaf sales have seen a big uptick through the first nine months of 2014. Sales jumped 36 percent to 21,822 units through September compared to the same period last year.



With about 135,000 global sales since launch, Nissan LEAF is the world’s top-selling electric vehicle. The vehicle seats up to five passengers and boasts an estimated driving range on a fully-charged battery of 84 miles and MPGe ratings of 126 city, 101 highway and 114 combined. The effective price of a Nissan LEAF starts at about $23,000 after the available $7,500 federal tax credit, while providing the benefits of lower running costs and less scheduled maintenance.

The Nissan LEAF has been dominating the competition for 19 months in a row. The LEAF actually accounted for 63% of non-Tesla 100% electric vehicle sales in September and 36% of all non-Tesla electric vehicle sales. The BMW i3 has really come on strong, but is still far behind the Nissan LEAF, and may never catch up with the LEAF at a much more affordable price level and the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X within range for many potential i3 buyers. Those two vehicles cover a wide spectrum of vehicle prices, with the Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X filling in the higher end of that spectrum.

Big Cities such as Atlanta has a lot of traffic. Driving an electric vehicle gives you access to HOV lanes and gets you out of paying HOT tolls, another cost-saver. Nissan is helping the charge by deploying more fast-charging stations.

Nissan earned the accolade of being one of the planet’s greenest brands in Interbrand’s Best Global Green Brands report thanks to the contribution from the strong sales of the Nissan Leaf, which is currently the world’s best-selling 100-percent electric vehicle. The LEAF makes Nissan the true global leader when it comes to zero-emissions mobility.

Source: Team Nissan North


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