006-largeStruggles continue for the electric vehicles in North America, but even in the bleak moment there is still a great story to be told for the Nissan Leaf in comparison to the Chevy Volt models. Volt which is the number one competitor of the Nissan Leaf , had just a mediocre month—selling just over 1,500 Volts nationwide.

The Nissan Leaf on the other hand had a better month than the Volt, selling over 2,300 Leafs in June, and increasing sales from a year ago by 5%. A small gain, but a gain nonetheless, and quite frankly the automaker is very happy with that. Any battle won is a battle towards winning the war on the Volt.


Sales of the Leaf downsouth in places like Texas and Georgia are proving to be the top two markets for those looking to buy a more fuel efficient vehicle. All the meanwhile up north where AWD and 4WD models like the Xterra seen at Kayser Nissan are ideal for those situations. But it will be truly interesting to see what future Nissan models adopt electric technology.


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