Nissan ColourFor the 2015 year, the Japanese automaker Nissan will be introducing a new color to add to their color palette. The new color will be called MorningSky Blue. This is a light blue, not quite baby powder blue, but not quite as dark as the color that it is replacing “Blue Ocean”.

The Leaf had a good initial splash in the auto industry, but Nissan was hoping for a bit more. It was still a success in their books, and it is highly likely that 2016 we will see some remodeling and potentially improved range, as well as battery pack options.

Another year is coming up for Nissan, and its electric Leaf, and it will interesting to see what the outcome will be, and ultimately if this time next year we will start to hear rumors about what potential changes they will make to improve sales and popularity.




Right now the Leaf as seen at Team Nissan is doing quite well here in the United States, but places like Canada; they still haven’t found much interest or use for the Leaf. These are all things the automaker will take into question when they do plan to remodel the vehicle potentially for next year.


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