ONE MILLIONTH FIAT IS BORNApril 19th, 2013, quite possible the most important day in FIAT’s storied history. On this day FIAT was able to manufacture their 1 millionth FIAT 500 model at their Tychy, Poland factory.  This small auto comes with a world renowned brand being marketed over 83 total countries around this great globe. Stretching from places in Europe like Italy, Poland, to North America, south into Brazil and across the Atlantic to South Africa—and all the way to parts of Asia like Japan. FIAT may be a small vehicle, but its brand is loud.

They didn’t just stop at 1 million; they added another 100 thousand onto that to show that they are looking forward to the next million moving forward. Number 1 million will never be forgotten, and its white color is pure and powerful. The 135-hp Abarth is destined for the streets of Italy and one lucky individual will be driving around this model, and may very well be unaware of its significance. The beauty of the FIATs is their customization, even with a million models manufactured; it is hard to find any two to be identical.

Just how diverse are these models? Let us look at the models before and after 1 million. Number 999,999 has a 95-hp 1.3 MultiJet and is in red—intended for a special Italian customer. Number 1,000,001 was made for one special German customer, and it comes in a light blue with Lounge trim level—but is actually a 500C, and equipped with a small 1.2-liter engine. Not many FIATs are made identical, and this is what many enthusiasts are drawn to with this small vehicle about.


In 2013 FIAT has revamped their 500 lineup with new ranges of body colors, color therapy, and new customizable designs. The current trim levels for the 500 models are as follows: Pop, Color Therapy, Lounge, S, Abarth, Cabrio, E for electric, and the list continue to grow. You can read a ton more about the various 2013 FIAT models on the research center.


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