Drivers with LYFT
11 Feb 2019

6 Exclusive Accessories Must For LYFT Drivers

Drivers with LYFT Offering highly satisfied services to the customers is not an option anymore. In fact, in the era of cut-throat competition, if you failed to serve your customers by employing unique ways, you are doomed. It applies to almost all professionals including car drivers. You need to come up with something exceptional to win the hearts of your customers. Apart from fulfilling all the Lyft requirements, you need to fix certain devices and accessories that can help you to serve your clients better. Here is a list of such devices : Flex Hand Vac Cleaner This is one...

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Advantages of Car Cameras
06 Feb 2019

Various Advantages of Car Cameras in Daily Life

Car Cameras Car cameras or dash cams have brought about a revolution in the automobile industry. This is because of the various benefits associated with the excellent technology and working of these small, cost-effective video cameras. That is why more and more motorists are installing them in their vehicles and they have almost become part and parcel of every car now. A number of types of car cameras like wireless car camera, etc. have been introduced to facilitate their users to the maximum. Out of so many benefits of car cameras, the followings are really the more impressive ones.  ...

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Losing your Driving Licence
30 Jan 2019

The Very Real Danger of Losing your Driving Licence

Losing your Driving Licence For many Australians, being able to drive is an integral part of their life and should such a person become disqualified from driving, it could have life changing consequences.Over the years, driving rules and regulations have become more stringent, and with the existing points system, it doesn’t take much to be facing the possibility of losing your driving licence for a set period of time. There are many offenses you might be charged with, from driving under the influence of alcohol to speeding, and in many cases, the motorist will receive penalty points, which, when added...

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Koenigsegg ccr Luxury Sports Car
24 Jan 2019

The New Car Owner’s Guide to Smooth Motoring

Car Owners Guide If you are about to invest in a brand new car, you certainly wouldn’t be alone. Taking delivery of a new car that is straight from the factory ensures that you the vehicle has never been driven, apart from the very few kilometres it took to get the car to the showroom. Of course, taking delivery of a new car puts you in a position of knowing the complete history of your new set of wheels, and if you are soon to be taking possession of a new car, here are a few pointers to bear in...

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What to Do if Your Car Overheats
16 Jan 2019

What to Do if Your Car Overheats

Car Overheats A car has many ways of letting its driver know that something is wrong. When a car overheats, it is simply becoming too exhausted to carry on, but if you are quick enough, you may be able to get home in time to let it cool down. Otherwise, your motor might start to cause other, much bigger problems for you that could leave you out of pocket when you least expect it. Here are a few things you could do if your car starts to overheat on the road. Turn Off Air-Con and Open Windows Air-conditioning is mostly...

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