With its outline pushed to the great, the Onyx Concept Car interests at first sight. Its seriously air motion facilitating lines take fans past the breaking points of elite. Its congruity of crude and cutting edge materials alongside its fantastic outline place it in a style group of its own.

You thought BioFibre was odd? What about an auto made out of papier mache? That is one component on an extensive rundown of unusual and brilliant materials used to make the Peugeot Onyx. Be that as it may, the fortunate thing about this auto is its really been made. Peugeot fitted the ultra-lightweight auto with a 3.7liter diesel motor which pumps out 600hp and is fit for doing more than 100mph. An electric second engine — yup, this is a cross breed — includes an additional 80bhp. The suspension is made of carbon-fiber and the bodywork out of copper boards which will turn green as the auto ages. Inside, the dashboard is made of compacted reused daily papers (that is the place the papier mache comes in) while the framing and guiding wheel are reused felt.

Featured Image Source : peugeot


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