There’s no denying that the SUV market is huge these days! There’s so much choice; one can find it almostimpossible to make a choice at times. Still, there is one make and model that many people opt for in particular: the Range Rover Sport.

The British brand is famous and much-loved around the world. Nowadays, you can buy a Sport without needing to sell an arm and a leg. But, does that mean it should be your choice of SUV? We think so. And here are seven reasons why:

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

  1. It’s suited to younger drivers now

    There was once a time when Range Rover was a marque aimed at older motorists. These days, the brand has gone through something of an image change. You now see plenty of younger drivers buying them. Gone are the boxy looks of the 90s and in are lots of smooth rounded edges!

  2. It’s within your budget

    Many years ago I would not have even suggested the Range Rover as a likely SUV unless you were rich! Don’t get me wrong; their models still aren’t cheap.

    But, they are within most people’s reach nowadays, especially the Range Rover Sport. Saxton 4×4 says that many people buy “almost new” models to save a few grand off the asking price. I don’t know about you, but that’s an excellent way to get a newish car that still has the manufacturer’s warranty!

  3. The current model is lighter than its predecessor

    Being an SUV, the Range Rover Sport isn’t exactly a lightweight vehicle. In fact, it’s pretty heavy – especially with all the electronic gadgetry inside of it. The good news is that Land Rover has somehow made the latest generation lighter. In fact, it is 420kg lighter!

  4. The engines are more refined and efficient

    To keep up with the latest Euro 6 emissions directives, Land Rover added some new engines. That means the latest Range Rover Sport benefits from units that are strong but are greener too! It’s a welcome change, especially in places that charge road tax based on CO2 emissions.

  5. It’s a “proper” SUV

    Now, some people look at the Range Rover Sport and think that it’s just an SUV for show. They believe that it’s not a capable car that can go on or off the road. I can tell you for certain those people are talking nonsense! The Range Rover Sport is one of the most capable off-roaders you will ever drive!

  6. It’s a gadget geek’s dream

    Technology is at the forefront of everything that Land Rover does. When talking about the Range Rover Sport, it’s plain to see that it’s a gadget geek’s dream! From onboard Wi-Fi to a power tailgate, this car has it all.

  7. It’s an SUV that holds its value

    One factor when choosing a car to buy boils down to its future value. It’s no secret that some cars are almost worthless after a few years from now. The good news is that’s not the case with the Range Rover Sport. If you want an SUV that holds its value, get this one!


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