The air we breathe has been tainted by the noxious gases produced by industries and vehicles. With a spike in population came a surge in demand for automobiles. The sales figures for annual car sales are mind-boggling. With time, vehicles that were marketed solely on their budget proposition stole the market.

With each passing year, an increasing quantity of cars started to trickle down into the affordability cap of the general population. Now here we are, with a complex dilemma that warrants a rapid solution, for time is scarce. So how can we reduce the air pollution that we are solely responsible for? Let’s take a look.

Ways to Reduce Air Pollution

Buying Vehicles that are not too thirsty for fuel

The bigger your engine is, the more fuel it will need to keep its belly bloated, the more it will excrete as waste which will then wreak havoc on the atmosphere. Buying fuel-efficient cars will go a long way in collectively reducing the burden imposed on our surroundings.

There are multiple ways to go about it. Either you opt for vehicles with less powerful engines or go with a hybrid or electric car.

Electric Car

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The latter option is definitely more appealing and possibly more efficient as well. You can go for hydrogen fuel cell cars which are gradually gaining popularity. Or you can buy an all-electric car that does not require any fuel whatsoever, producing practically no fumes that can damage the environment.

Do not leave your car on idle for long

We all tend to do this, keep the engine running for prolonged periods of time while we are stationary. Staying in the same location for hours, making no progress while having the ignition key turned all the way is unproductive and extremely harmful for the air that blankets our world. Just turn the engine off and sit for as long as you want. Keeping your car engine on is not going to benefit you in any possible way.

Dialing down on your frequency of driving

Even for short-distance commutes, we tend to go for our vehicles of choice parked at our comfort inside our house. Now, this habit is catastrophic for the environment. It would be infinitely wiser to use our naturally gifted mobility to visit places that are a few yards away and maximize our usage for public transport in regards to distances that are a bit too much to cover on foot.

Using specialized equipment to extract the venom from the smoke

There is a massive variety of products available, aimed at lessening the harmful constituents exhaled by automobile exhausts. Catalytic converters became mandatory and they have played a pivotal role in shifting the industry dynamic.

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NOX sensor emulators are another specialized piece of equipment that cut down on nitrogen oxide emissions and their failure rate is quite low. Take the example of Renault magnum euro 6. An exceptionally multipurpose truck is used in multiple countries for uses ranging from garbage disposal to fire trucks and cargo carriers. Emissions of such vehicles are exponentially dangerous to the environment. NOX sensor emulators can prove to be saviors of society here.


Life is of transitory nature and most of the moves we make pollute the world that we call home sweet home. We are harvesting its soul to cultivate the seeds of the damnation of the upcoming generation. Is it fair for us to breathe this planet’s spirit and leave the upcoming generations with dead air that is stale and incompetent of supporting life? Climate change is right in front of our eyes.

Multiple species are facing the prospect of extinction. We have to save the environment for the sake of our healthy living, for the generations to come, and for the species that are co-existing with us. Cutting down on pollution is one way of doing so and we have to act now.

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