Old or Used Car

Are you tired of your aging car? Have you got your eye on a new whip? Has your motor completely given up and gone bust? If you find yourself in any of these scenarios, then this is the post for you.

Here, we talk you through four great things to do with your old car once you’re finished with it. Check it out!

Donate Your Car

If you love that warm feeling that comes with gift-giving, then why not give away your old car? There is bound to be somebody out there that needs it more than you. Perhaps you have a son or daughter who is nearly at the age of learning to drive, it could sure make an excellent birthday present, couldn’t it! Perhaps, you’d rather support war veterans and send your Car Donations their way? With so many of them out there, they need more than what the government will provide them, and gifting them with a car is a great way to help out. After all, these people are heroes who have saved our great country from evil things. It’s definitely something to consider doing, especially if you can afford to go without receiving any money for your old car.

Part Exchange Your Old Car

Your next option is to part exchange your old motor for something brand-spanking new. Be sure to have a weekend hitting the showrooms and check out some of the latest autos around. Your old car could go a fair way to cutting off a sizeable whack of the total bill, meaning that you can now Buy your dream car. Dealerships and garages love buying part-exchanged vehicles because there is a big potential for them to make money off of them once more. Everybody is a winner in this scenario.



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Sell Your Car Privately

Perhaps you don’t want to get hold of a new car so hastily, and would rather have the cash upfront. If so, then you might want to consider selling your car privately on sites such as eBay or Gumtree. This is also ideal if you think you could squeeze a bit more money out of a private buyer than that of a garage or car dealership. Remember the latter are in need of making a profit margin from your sale. Selling your car privately is easier than you think, too. Just stick it on the sidewalk with an A4 advert in the window and watch the interest skyrocket. Be sure to inform people of the mileage and other relevant motoring information, as well as an asking price to ensure you get a good amount of money for it.

Scrap Your Old Car

Finally, if you’re wanting to scrap your old car for some instant cash then there are certain ways you should go about it. If you take your motor to the tip in one piece, then you’re going to get a lot less bang for your buck. Be sure to dismantle the vehicle into relevant sections to ensure that you maximize your trade-in. For example, the basics parts, the electricals, and the power source could all net you a tidy amount when sold separately. Here are the secrets to making money from a dead car that you’re ready to scrap!

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Hopefully, this has informed you of the number of different options available to you once you’re finished with your old car. All of them are going to make you feel good or net you some serious cash, so be sure to do something with that old car, today!


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