We would all love to avoid ever ending up in car accidents  – yet they still occur on a shockingly regular basis. And, for the vast majority of crashes and incidents, human error and poor driving are the primary causes.

Car Accidents

The stats seem to back this up, too – and some of them might surprise you. We’re going to take a look at some of the most shocking statistics about car accidents. Read on, and make sure you don’t make up some of the numbers.

There is a death on the road every 16 minutes

In 2022, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that on an average day, 92 people die in car accidents in the USA. That’s one every sixteen minutes for the whole year. Recent reports suggest that this number isn’t going to be lowered any time soon. The chances of being involved in an accident are still slim, of course.  But, you should always be aware that your next drive could be your last.

Car Accidents
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3,238 of those people were killed due to distractions

A huge number of people killed in car accidents in 2022 lost their lives because of distractions. Loud music, cell phones, and eating at the wheel – of them are common events that can lead to someone’s death. It’s not just the end of your life you need to worry about, either. Those distractions might seem minor at the time. But, as any car accident lawyer will tell you, they can lead to paralysis, spinal injuries, and brain damage, too. The next time your phone rings in your car, you have to ask yourself whether it is truly worth answering.

Booze is still a big issue

While distractions make up a big proportion of car accidents, they are nothing compared to drunk drivers. Alcohol is responsible for almost a third of all road accidents. In one way, it is good to hear, as it means that most people drive with care and attention. But on the other hand, after all, this time, people still insist on getting behind the wheel when they have had too much to drink. Imagine if no one did it at all – road deaths would decrease by a significant amount.

Crash close to their homes
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Most people crash close to their homes

Logic suggests that people are more likely to crash when they are in a strange place. However, the reality is that people tend to drive more carefully when they are in foreign climes. Most accidents occur within a 25-mile radius of the driver’s home. Familiarity breeds contempt in all kinds of scenarios, as everyone knows. And, it’s no different for the roads we drive on.

Men are worse drivers than women

Sorry fellas – but the male of the species is responsible for a lot more crashes than women. And it’s a significant amount, too. An astonishing 65% of accidents are due to male drivers. Risk-taking, the need for speed, and lack of care are all likely contributors.

We hope these sobering stats might help you think about how you drive in the future!

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