If you need to get yourself a new vehicle you have two main choices. The first is to buy a brand new car and the second is to buy a car that is pre-owned. For many people a pre-owned car is their best option with regards to benefits, but there are benefits to both.

A Brand New Vehicle

One of the biggest advantages to buying a brand new car is that you get to check its specifications. Cars can be tweaked to ensure that they are made perfectly to your needs. Of course, you also get a full warranty when you buy a brand new car, which can help to give you peace of mind. New cars come with different price tags and offers so you can usually find something that matches your needs.


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When you do get a brand new car like this you also know that there is no history to worry about and that you car will never have been involved in a car crash or badly damaged.

One thing you can never be sure of when it comes to older cars is how they will run including how fuel efficient they are. New cars tend to have technological advances built in which means that they are fuel efficient and also have built in features such as stability control.

All of these benefits are great but you need to bear in mind the price tag that can come with brand new cards

Investing in Pre-Owned Vehicles

If a brand new car is out of your price range then pre-owned cars could be the best option. High range cars often cost the most, so it is often much more cost effective to invest in a used Mercedes-Benz or other high-end vehicle instead.

When you buy a pre-owned car you know that it is going to keep most of its value as long as you look after it. When you buy a brand new car they lose 20% of their value as soon as you drive it, this is not the case with pre-owned vehicles.

If you buy a pre-owned vehicle from a car dealer then you often get the reassurance of a warranty too. Knowing that you can  contact them if your car has any problems can help you to feel confident that the car you invest in is a good one.


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Buying from a private seller is fine and often means that you get a better bargain. If you do buy in this way then you should make sure that someone with mechanical knowledge goes with you. They can check over the car and make sure you are getting good value.

The biggest things to worry about when buying second hand is whether the person is being honest about the history. Check that the mileage matches the condition of the car as one of the biggest problems is people tampering with the mileage meter to push it back.

Buying a pre-owned car is fine, you just need to check that you are buying from a reputable seller.


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