An overwhelming majority of British drivers choose manual cars over automatic, and this has been the case for many years. However, in a world that is becoming more and more technologically advanced, it seems logical to give automatic vehicles due consideration.

Automatic Cars

Automatic cars offer a wealth of benefits. Although these vehicles don’t take over the journey for you, they are designed to support the driver, even if you’re on a busy road or stuck in traffic.

Automatic cars are constructed with features which aim to make your journey much easier, like their dual-clutch gearboxes that help shift you into the correct gear, without all of the unnecessary stress and confusion. Even after passing their test, many drivers still struggle with this aspect of driving, and if this sounds familiar, an automatic car is most certainly an option to consider.


Hi-tech, automatic gearboxes make controlling a vehicle so much simpler, allowing you to focus entirely on the road ahead. Instead of having to multi-task, which can be stressful, especially after a tiring day at work, this type of car can take over for you!

Automatic cars are also proven to be more cost-efficient and more economically developed, so they are ideal for eco-friendly drivers! To view a whole range of Automatic Cars, visit Car Specialists Blackburns UK.

Manual Cars

On the other hand, manual features allow drivers to feel like they are in complete control of their car – most people prefer manual as opposed to automatic entirely for this reason.

For any driver, it is a proud feeling to know that you are navigating your car from one place to another without the help of any automatic features.


Another reason for people to choose a manual car is that one day, they may come across a manual vehicle that they really want to buy, with no automatic option available, and after a long period of letting a car do all the hard work, it is easy to forget how to do it yourself.

For those who are more independent, really enjoy the complexities of driving and prefer to have full control over their car, manual cars are much more suitable.

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