summer_jeep-1For some summers consist of occasionally going to the beach, cookouts, family gatherings, and when that isn’t happening we are usually hiding in air conditioned rooms. For others who are more outdoor adventurous there is a lot more camping, off-roading, and road trips.

For those of you who qualify as the more adventurous type, then look no further than these six outstanding accessories you can own for your Jeep.

First off if you don’t own a Jeep wrangler, these are ideal for Wrangler owners but there are similar accessories for other vehicles as well. But if you are looking for a new or used Jeep wrangler which are featured at dealerships like, then you should really take a moment to see what is available.

Now onto the accessories for summer

First is the camping tent, this is almost a given for anyone that is really looking to hit the wilderness this summer, or to even camp on a beach. A basic camping tent is a must.

Next is a cargo management system. This is like a box or chest that will help your organize everything you need your little adventure, so things don’t become disorganized or a mess.


Bike Carrier, this is a great addition for any Jeep owner who is looking to get away for an afternoon and hit some local or distant bike trails.

Skid Plates might be one of the most important things to get for your Jeep no matter what the season is. Skid plates protect your undercarriage of your Jeep from rocky trails.

If you aren’t looking to add a bike rack to the top of your Jeep you can at least pack whatever is left into a Cargo Basket, which is perfect for a family beach trip.

Last but not least important, and in the same boat as the Skid Plates, is a Mopar steel bumper that will help you hit those trails with confidence that the body of your Jeep can take the rough spots.

These are just a handful of accessories that we recommend for any Jeep owner, and ultimately there are a ton more, but this is a good starting area. If we had to add one last thing, we would highly recommend bug spray, because your Jeep can only protect you from bloodsucking insects while you’re inside of it.

Source: Sport Durst Jeep


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