Teaser snapshots of Toroidion 1MW have gone viral over the internet, showing the world new face of the fully electric first generation hypercar. The 1,341 horsepower car hailing from Finland sent a shockwave through the automobile industry.

The images show silhouette of the new vehicle, outlining the contours of its monocoque over the darkened background. Based on these photos, the new car’s hood would be proportionally long with parabolic curves on the roof and above the wheels that are sure to meet a good aerodynamic profile.

1,341HP Electric Supercar-1

What’s more amazing is that it boasts a 1,341 horsepower, which is equal to Koenigsegg One. Now such a powerful configuration is a challenge for gasoline engines, let electric cars alone, but as it is already announced to debut in Monaco this year, we can say electric technology is going to get squared with combustion engines.

We do not have anything else to share with you right now. Stay tuned as we bring you highlights of the Top Marques Monaco due to start 16th April.


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