article-2563687-1BAB669300000578-614_634x398No doubt, Tesla Model S’s premium safety features and overpowering technology make it the best tech car of all time. However, the automaker has more in the bag to amaze us. The company has just introduced its Rinspeed XchangE driverless concept car that shape-shifts into a cozy living-room or an office. That’s right; you don’t have to steer while driving and make the most out of your precious time.


The concept car has a significant portion based on the Model S, nonetheless it is extremely comfortable. Although the interior is totally dissimilar, but appears almost identical to the Model S from the outside. The sedan allows you to move your seats freely giving you about 20 adjustment positions so you can slide and maneuver your seats to 180 degrees. Now you may be wondering how that is possible with a steering wheel blocking the way. I have the answer; you can move the steering wheel to the middle of the instrument panel, thanks to the lightweight steering column. This makes it easier for you to tilt, swivel and slide your seat conveniently.


That’s not all; the Tesla driverless concept also offers some really catchy enhancements that would make your driving experience a joy ride. The vehicle features a premium quality 32 inch 4k monitor in the rear that turns your XchangE Concept into a moving cinema accessible as you move your hand through a very innovative gesture technology. The basic information seems even more attractive on a 1.2 meters wide-screen display strip in the steering wheel support.

To keep it cool on the inside, the XchangE model’s roof has a coating by Evonik Industries known for providing such materials.


The electrified concept possesses a riveting top speed of 200 Km/h going from 0 to 100 in just 4.4 seconds. The phenomenal figures are achieved through a 270 KW output, 85 KW of torque and a rear-axle powertrain.


The Rinspeed XchangE is still a concept car planned to be exhibited at the Geneva Motor Show next month; however, it may hit the market very soon.


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