Ford will introduce its latest Ford Focus to the crowd at next month’s New York Motor Show. The new car promises to be not just the most tech-savvy Focus ever, but also the most powerful version of the series that has been capturing the hearts of car enthusiasts ever since its 1998 debut. The new Focus will fall in line with the concept nicely, bringing the usual energy spiced up with amazing, state of the art aesthetic and technical additions.

For starters, the new car promises to be the most powerful Focus yet, with an amazing 315+ horsepower. According to the manufacturer the new Focus will have “well excess of 315 HP” which could mean anything from 330 to 350. In addition to its power, the car will feature an all-wheel drive system which will be capable of sending upwards of 70% of the whole power output towards the rear, making it possible for the car to come out of tough road situations unscathed.

Ford’s Electronic Stability Control will of course also be adapted which, along with the torque vectoring capabilities of the car will create a nifty little technical package. Thanks to the new aero-dynamics aspects, the new Focus also promises to be more stable under higher speeds, about 9% more than the current Focus is capable of.

The new car will also come with four different driving modes, the normal, the sport, the track and the drift, offering different feel to the drivers. The bigger brakes will result in more efficient breaking, while the front disc ventilation will translate into better cooling. Ford has played their cards very close to their vest so far when it came to the exact output of the 2.3-liter EcoBoost, which should change next month when the New York Motor Show rolls around.


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