All car manufacturers want their new models to feature in the list of the best successful cars of the year 2014 because they consider it the Premier League of the market for cars in their respective countries. They test more than 1,000 cars each year and the opinions that they have about them are very strong. However, the buyers always pass the final verdict. Whether or not you love cars, a car is a success if it sells well. The most popular cars in the year 2014 may not include large SUVs, luxury saloons, or supercars but one thing you can be sure of is that the following are the best successful cars of this year.

  1. Ford Fiesta

    Ford Fiesta, which leads in the supermini segment, also ranks as the best-selling car. Ford’s finest ticks the economy and practicality boxes that many buyers consider very important for all small cars and a blast for them to drive whether they choose the hot hatch of the Fiesta ST or the entry-level version.



  2. Vauxhall Astra

    The longtime rival of Vauxhall for the Ford Focus is still holding its top place in all the sales charts. The Astra is not only big but it is also comfortable for your family hatch class that has attractive styling that the couple-like GTC versions show off best.



  3. Ford Focus

    The Focus, alongside the Fiesta, is Ford’s powerhouse. It keeps the running costs to a bare minimum because it is sufficiently compact and it can meet the demands of family life because it is big enough. As many buyers have come to expect from the modern Fords, they provide first class driving experience and the Focus is about to become more appealing because it is almost getting a stylish refresh.


  4. Volkswagen Golf

    This is a very impressive family hatchback. Unlike its mainstream rivals, it boasts of a high quality feel and the potential to have higher sales as compared to premium hatches in the aforementioned class. It’s classy VW image, high-tech turbocharged engines and brilliantly judged suspension all work in its favour.


  5. Vauxhall Corsa

    Vauxhall has not stopped making huge supermini sales even though the current Corsa is not a spring chicken. A face lifted Corsa is about to be released soon. However, the existing car is getting help from attractive finance deals and tight pricing in order to do more than just hold its end up as buyers wait for the showrooms to bring the replacement.


  6. Nissan Qashqai

    Many buyers thank the Qashqai for being the kick starter of the crossover SUV boom. Nissan considers the Qashqai a sales sensation because it takes high riding practicality and compact 4 x 4 looks and marries them to all the polished driving dynamics that a conventional car has.


  7. Volkswagen Polo

    This car is, to all purposes and intents, the Junior Golf. It has the qualities that its big brother in the much smaller supermini segment has. This car has that “big car feel” that is highly prized in spite of its compact dimensions.


The aforementioned best successful cars reflect both the broadening tastes of the public and the diversified product ranges that manufacturers offer. Hence, if you want to take advantage of everything that they offer, you should pass the DSA driving test today.


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