The year was 2013, and the Ferrari Sergio made its first big splash in front of the thousands of car enthusiasts at the Geneva International Motor Show. The car was meant to pay homage to the late Sergio Pininfarina, the father of Paolo Pininfarina. The Sergio got its name after the legendary automobile designer who passed away the year before, at the age of 85.

As usually is the case when a concept car hits an auto show, the Sergio needed some major changes before the company could even dream about a commercial release, and it looks like the car is extremely close to that point. The Sergio which the esteemed crowd saw this year for the second time, was very different compared to the initial concept that already got the attention of many back at the 2013 show.

To make it street legal, the company added a front windscreen and new lights, while taking away the hard top roof. The car will debut in six different versions, each with their own color and each tweaked a little bit differently. What’s interesting is that no mechanical changes have been made, the Sergio will come out with its original, 4.5 liter, 562 HP engine that will be capable of a 400 lb-ft torque.


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