Honda is not just known for its wonderful cars and the fantastic new car lease deal you can get.It is no secret that Honda is known for its stringent safety and reliability expectations in their motorcycles as well as the riding pleasure they offer.

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It is for this reason that Honda motorcycles are highly popular with a wide variety of rider in all experience levels. Motorcycles riders in all stages of experience, flock to Honda because of their safety, performance and reliability as well as their styling and fuel efficiency which becomes an attractive feature to more and more people nowadays.

Honda Motorcycle – CBF 125

For those wanting to buy a Honda motorcycle there are several different bikes to choose from as this brand manufactures a wide variety of motorbikes and gives you the chance to choose based on your preferences, likes and needs. The bike you chose depends highly upon your experience level, your budget and your personality. However, for those who are beginners looking to learn to ride but want something stylish and with a little speed the Honda CBF 125 maybe the perfect motorcycle for you.

Most popular with beginner riders and riders who are looking for a fuel efficient and practical bike that is for a daily commute the CBF 125 is perfect for those learning to ride or looking for a fuel-efficient vehicle for commuting. With a highly efficient and economical fuel injected 124.7 cc four speed single engine, the CBF 125 averages a top speed of 65mph with a large 13 liter fuel tank that has a maximum range of 250 miles between fill ups. The CBF 125 has single disc front brakes and rear drum brakes that make stopping easy and quick, an important feature to consider when purchasing a motorbike.

honda CBF 125 cc

The CBF 125 combines stylish and sporty attributes which make it popular among both teenagers and older riders. Price wise, this is the best little motorbike of its class and offers a safe way to learn to ride as well as a fuel tank and speed limit big enough to make it perfect for a daily commuter. Fortunately Honda has a big variety of motorbikes so it is easier to pick one that fits to your preferences and personality. So, if you are looking for a motorcycle that has Honda’s safety and reliability and is stylish with a decent top speed, the Honda CBF 125 is the bike that you should be riding.


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