300December is just in its ending and people are looking for some superb stocking stuffers, at this time, BMW just give a hint that what they have planned for the new year for their fans. The car makers from the house of the German brand announced on 16th December 2013 that the new MINI John Cooper Works Concept will make its way to the 2014 North American Auto Show at Detroit. Well, its just a glimpse of a new vehicle that is just on the paperboard yet and BMW is not providing information about its engineering however has utterd lots about its style and attraction. The new MINI concept is track oriented and we can get an idea about the vehicle’s engineering.

As the name implies, MINI John Cooper Works concept is based on new MINI lineup and so it features a same longer wheelbase and wide track about which BMW commented that this will make the vehicle more agile and help it to take the advantage of its lighter weight. BMW offered the preview images of MINI Cooper third generation concept vehicle on the internet that is not only eye catching but is sporty too. The MINI concept gets three doors, tripple nostrilled front bumper and the it wears red accents on body and myraid vents to make it racier compared to the previous generation models.

People are very concious about the powerplant of the new MINI John Cooper Works however, BMW did’nt revealed anything about the power of the car however, we can expect a higher version of 2.0 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine that is used in the new Cooper S. with an upgraded version of engine, we can also expect a new sports tuned adaptive suspension for better performance. In short, we can expect, that the new third generation MINI will give a more firm and sophisticated drive rather than just a fun compared to its old family members.


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