Rolls Royce Phantom

Rolls Royce is well known for its luxurious cars with gratifying quality. Phantom is one of its attainment for its customers. The company has composed this car with a very prodigious endeavor.

Release date

The releasing date of Phantom is 27 July 2017. The built-in quality of the Phantom is phenomenal. It’s comfortable and lavish design amazed viewers all around the globe.

Design of Phantom

Rolls Royce Phantom

Image source by Rolls-Royce

Phantom is an automated car. Everything becomes alluring due to its highly manufactured and well-structured sensors. It has button controlled Doors, window mirrors, trunk, bonnet, and side mirrors.

Peculiar features

Phantom comes with several sensors attached to it. There are cameras at it’s back and front side. Sensors allow the driver to park it quickly and precisely at the parking spot. The engine is a twin-turbo and is made up of twelve cylinders, each of 563 horsepower. The ultimate speed which can be provided by this car is 155 kilometers per hour. The trunk is sufficient enough to accommodate necessary things for long routes. An automated control system regulates the opening of the trunk by a remote button.


Image source by Rolls-Royce

Available colors

Rolls Royce Phantom comes in 17 different exterior colors which include Anthracite, Dark Emerald, Salamanca blue, Black, Grey, Belladonna, Arctic White, Red, Imperial Jade, Diamond Black, Silver, English White. Graphite, Darkest Tungsten, Purple Smokey Quartz, Iguazu-Blue, and Petra Gold.

Interior design

The interior of the Phantom is an amenity. The comfort zone, the design as well as the standard make it magnificent. It’s no wrong saying that it is a king’s dwelling. The roof sparkles with luminous stars embellished in it. The rider can adjust the amount of light coming from those stars. There are LCDs in front of the back seats, and the leather of the seats is mushy. The armrest is available on both the front and back seats.

Interior-of the Rolls Royce

Image source by Rolls-Royce

The driver is provided with the utmost mitigation of life hazards in the car. All of the buttons which are used in the Roll-Royce Phantom are made up of metal. Which is very smooth to use. The phantom’s front display can customize according to your taste. Comfortable seats make long drives easier.


An umbrella is also present inside the back door for emergency purposes, having the same color as the car’s interior.

Luxurious traits


Image source by Rolls-Royce

It is unprecedented in its qualities as it offers comfortable seats with a massage facility, temperature control, ample space, fully automatic, and automatic door opening. The glory of its exterior is indescribable. Whatever the choice you make regarding the car’s color, you will always find it as an epitome of elegance.

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Smooth drive

The steering of the car is highly flexible, which makes the drive smooth. The Roll Royce phantom’s sensor is attached to each side. You can get a three-dimensional view of parking it conveniently.


The tires of the car are 22 inches wide with the rims strong and captivative. Shock absorbers play a significant role in making a bumpy ride smooth. The price of Rolls Royce Phantom varies from country to country as it takes $2750 for shipping excluding the custom tax. However, the genuine price of the car is $450,000.

Featured Image source by Rolls-Royce


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