The world’s biggest car manufacturers have been investing in green technology now for years. From the development of zero emissions, all-electric models to lowering the fuel consumption of their existing models, the results of these efforts are now being seen by the consumer.

This shift in the auto industry has been driven by changing attitudes among road users around the world. While we are increasingly aware of the impact our cars have on the environment, cars themselves remain an essential part of our daily life.

electric car

Here, we look at a handful of reasons why now is the time to get involved with the green car market, ditching your old combustion engine for something a little cleaner.

Compromise is a thing of the past

For many years, when green technology was just getting started, the few hybrid and electric options which were on the market came at a cost. Not only were they prohibitively expensive, but the performance of these early vehicles was pretty pathetic compared to traditional builds. It’s easy to see why these cars didn’t catch on.

Today’s technology tells a different story. Not only are hybrid vehicles almost identical to their petrol and diesel counterparts when it comes to performance, but all-electric vehicles are also something special. Compromising on performance is a thing of the past and in 2009 The Daily Mail reported on the world’s fastest electric car which recorded a top speed of 208mph!

Reducing the cost of motoring

Keeping a car on the road is becoming increasingly expensive. With rises in fuel prices and high levels of tax, it’s understandable that many motorists are looking for ways to cut costs.

Not only can green vehicles save drivers a colossal amount of money on fuel, but they can have considerable financial benefits elsewhere. Most countries favour low emissions vehicles when it comes to road tax and insurance costs are likely to be lower as a result too.

If you’re interested in finding affordable insurance then getting an initial car insurance quote is highly recommended and will give you an idea of how much it’ll cost to keep a new, greener car on the road.

Facilities are available

Hybrid cars allow you to keep your batteries charged using a traditional combustion engine, but all-electric vehicles need to be charged from dedicated power supply. Away from home, it’s obviously important to drivers to be able to top up their charge.

In the early days, there were so few public charge stations that owning an electric vehicle was actually incredibly different. Now the story is changing. As the popularity of electric vehicles increases, facilities for charging are appearing all over the place.


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