The need to safeguard the cargo that you are transporting in your vehicle is important, especially when the value of the items in question could amount to tens of thousands of pounds.

Vehicle hire specialists Northgate are on-hand to provide their expert advice on how you can ensure equipment reaches its destination secure and intact every time.

Enhance security on your vehicle

Receive peace of mind that your equipment will always get from A to B by boosting the security of your vehicle.

This can be done by installing tough deadlocks to the back of your van, as well as ensuring you keep the number of spare keys to your vehicle to a minimum, and delegate them only to those that you trust.

Having a low number of spare keys also means that you can reduce the chance of a set being lost or misplaced.


Install Tracking Devices

Fitting tracking technology onto your fleet of vehicles isn’t a sign to your colleagues that you don’t trust them. Instead, it allows you to keep on top of where all elements of your business are.

Trackers are becoming more and more popular for business owners in control of a fleet of vans, as they allow managers to easily and quickly monitor where every vehicle, driver and piece of cargo is.

On top of this, you can also analyses the information that tracking devices give you, in order to work out if there are more efficient opportunities available. For example, you can see how long the average journey takes or the length of time it takes for cargo to be unloaded once a destination is reached.

Choose a long-term and Flexible Fleet Management and Acquisition Strategy

When business is in demand, one of the worst things for those in control of a fleet of vehicles to realise is that they haven’t got the right vehicle for the task assigned to them.

Opt for a long-term, flexible fleet management and acquisition strategy though and this needn’t be a concern. This is because such an option gives you the chance to change the size or specification of your fleet in short notice.

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