Here is top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies.

Top 10 Best Auto Insurance Companies

  1. State Farm

    Illinois-based State Farm Insurance is ranked No. 1 with revenue of over $60 billion. It is not only best auto insurance company, but also one of the top most home insurance company along with offering  consumer banking and business loans. State Farm’s agents are the most expert and specialized in this business. They are best known for their courteous and decent behavior.

  2. Allstate

    Allstate is a company based in Northbrook, Illinois. It is ranked as the second best auto insurance company. The company offers drivers with roadside emergency services so as to remain competitive and ahead. Allstate is great in helping people save an enormous amount of money whenever they need it the most! The agents at Allstate are wonderful as they don’t hassle like countless other providers do with the customers.

  3. Farmers Insurance

    Farmers Insurance is based out in Hollywood, California. It is the third-largest giver of both personal auto vehicles and home owners insurance in the U.S., covering above 10 million domestic with over 20 million individual policies. It has nearly 24,000 employees and 50,000 restricted and autonomous agents. The company is a subsidiary of Zurich Financial Services Company, which is based in Switzerland.

  4. Liberty Mutual

    Boston-based Liberty Mutual embraces the fourth rank by achieving near to $29 billion in revenue. They have achieved so by a sales approach that includes autonomous agents, select agents, brokers and D-to-C sales representatives. They are best known for their being so personal, competitively priced quick and proficient services. Liberty Mutual prides of being hefty mutual insurance company with more than 900 offices at different places around the globe.

  5. The Hartford

    The Hartford Financial Services is based in Hartford, Connecticut since 1810. It is the fifth top auto insurance company that covers drivers by means of the company’s possessions and casualty division, contributing to over $24 billion in sales. The Hartford is a leader in providing life insurance, group and employee reimbursement, vehicle and homeowners insurance and business insurance in addition to investment products, annuities, mutual funds, and school savings plans.

  6. Nationwide

    Nationwide is based in Columbus capable of generating above $22 billion of profits. Nationwide provides their customers with a range of services together with auto insurance, 24/7 claim service and discounts on repairing. It  is also one of the principal insurers for rental cars in the United States. Nationwide is widespread for its online insurance claims offices with a toll free number allowing the clientele to call 24/7 to file a claim.

  7. Progressive

    Progressive has occupied a special place in the auto insurance business by offering coverage for high-risk drivers. Progressive occupied a first rank for affirmative online consumer experiences. Situated in Mayfield Village, Ohio, Progressive coverage takes account of insurance for commercial vehicle like heavy trucks, light trucks and vans. It is also the largest auto insurance providers. Their website offers 24 hour a day online claim for the convenience of their clients.

  8. Esurance

    Esurance also known as speedily mounting star is situated in San Francisco. The company declares that  more than 500,000 drivers are on its jobs for reporting. The company has achieved growth by integrating  Internet sales with telephone sales. The tactic has fascinated millions of consumers in 28 states, particularly younger drivers. They offer easy, user-friendly online interface with petite or no lag time. Moreover, the customers are allowed to change their policy and pay bills in exactly seconds.

  9. Geico

    Texas is the home of GEICO which is in business for over 70 years. It is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett.  GEICO is extremely popular amongst its customers for their brilliant customer service! GEICO working with other external companies offers numerous concessions to their customers such as an anti theft discount, college student discount, good student discount, military discount and many more. GEICO has received an A++ rating for financial stability.

  10. American Automobile Association (AAA)

    It  is a group of 51 autonomously operated motor unions all through North America. AAA is a non-profit service organization with in excess of 51 million members. Known for their  courteous, professional service AAA offers  services such as travel, automotive, insurance, financial, and discounts. Moreover, they are known for competitive rates and their speedy and friendly customer service. It is also ranked as the most trusted insurance.


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