Top Most Sold Cars of 2012

Cars have become an important part of our life and therefore many people around the world lookout for the best cars in the market that they buy. In a world where everything is available on the internet, consumers lookout for more information that can allow them to buy better vehicles. If you are really concerned and conscious about the cars that you want to buy you can look out for the top sold cars in the local market as that will give you a better idea about which cars are highly popular in the market. Here you can take a quick look at the most sold cars of 2012 that you can buy if it fits your requirements and budget.

  1. Ford F150

    If you are looking out for the most sold cars you will definitely find Ford F150 as one of the highly popular vehicles in the market. There is no doubt that this car offers something for every consumer and therefore there is a huge demand for Ford F150 in the market. This pickup truck is good for families and also for rough drivers that love to drive off-road as well.

    Image Source: ford

  2. 2012 Toyota Camry

    Toyota has always offered something better to the consumers and this year they redesigned the earlier version of Camry to make it among the top choices for midsize sedans. Toyota Camry 2012 soon became one of the bestsellers in the market because of the strong fuel-efficient engines and user-friendly options for the drivers and also because of the space inside the car combined with top-class safety features that appeal to various families across the globe.

    Toyota Camry
    Image Source: Wikimedia

  3. 2012 Honda CR-V

    Honda saw their sales going upwards with the demand for the 2012 CR-V that was redesigned for the consumers. This compact crossover SUV is definitely one of the popular in terms of design, performance, and fuel economy.

    2012 Honda CR-V
    Image Source: Honda

  4. Nissan Altima

    Nissan has also brought in the new 2012 Altima that managed to attract more buyers around the world making it one of the top-selling cars of the year. The car has responsive steering and a quiet cabin which makes it a popular choice for business class people.

    Nissan Altima
    Image Source: Nissan USA

  5. 2012 Honda Accord

    Honda Accord has remained one of the popular cars around the world and also has great resale value. However, the 2012 Honda Accord attracted many buyers for the new design that offers more space, more fuel economy, and better body styling that makes it look like one of the best cars on the road.

    2012 Honda Accord

    Image Source: Honda

  6. Ford Fusion

    Sedans are highly popular across the globe and Ford Fusion 2012. This is also managed to be among the top-selling cars for the year. The all-new 2012 Ford Fusion incorporated spacious interiors and high tech features that attracted many buyers.

    Ford Fusion
    Image Source: Wikimedia

  7. Hyundai Elantra

    Hyundai Elantra 2012 remained one of the bestselling small sedans for the year 2012. The buyers like the fuel economy of the vehicle. With the interior space that is offered to passengers and also for the cargo.

    Image Source: Hyundai

  8. Ford Escape

    2012 Ford Escape has also managed to be among the top-selling vehicles for the year 2012. Mainly because of the high tech features incorporated in the vehicle and superior fuel economy that concerns many budget buyers.

    Ford Escape Suvs Crossovers
    Image Source: ford

  9. Toyota RAV4

    Car buyers around the world preferred Toyota RAV4. Which is the best small midsize crossover SUV that can offer better comfort without compromising on the fuel economy.

    Toyota RAV4
    Image Source: Toyota

  10. BMW 3 Series

    BMW 3 Series
    Image Source: BMW USA

    BMW 3 Series remained the bestselling entry-level luxury car that not only offers superior comfort but also offers a powerful engine and superior fuel economy.


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