With approximately 34 million vehicles on UK roads, getting from A to B can sometimes be a difficult task. Whether making a short journey from home to work, or travelling long distances on UK roads, accidents can occur at any time, so it is vital to do everything you can to prevent incidents and stay safe. Here are road safety tips and guide and Tips on UK Roads.

Road Safety Tips – Staying Safe on UK Roads

Looking after your Vehicle

The main thing that you can do to increase your safety is to make sure that your car is maintained throughout the year. Many people forget about things such as checking the level of tread left on their tyres, checking the level of oil in the engine or repairing chips in their windscreens, so check your car regularly to ensure the safety of yourself and other road users.

Road Safety Tips

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Familiar doesn’t always mean Safe

When making a journey through your local area, keep abreast of any roadworks, either on-going or upcoming, so that you don’t run into trouble. It can be easy to go into autopilot when driving around familiar areas, but it is vitally important to stay alert and aware of hazards.

You can make the same journey over and over again for many years and not get into a single accident, but that doesn’t mean you should become complacent with success. Accidents can actually be more common on familiar routes, so be aware of this. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident, remember that personal injury lawyers 4U can help you process a compensation claim.

Checking out the Terrain

Long journeys on unfamiliar roads can present several hazards as you may not know where turnoffs are, the behaviour of other road users, or how the weather affects the terrain. There are websites which let you know where roadworks are around the country and you should always check the weather before heading off so you know what to expect. Always remain alert and do not breach the speed limit.

Just Around the Corner

Many accidents occur when people are heading along small country roads they aren’t familiar with and taking a blind bend too fast, which can be extremely dangerous. While cars and tractors may be relatively easy to spot, unexpected items on the road, such as hay bales, cows or cyclists can cause serious accidents. It is important to be aware of all potential hazards; even large birds can hit your windscreen, disorientating drivers and potentially leading to accidents on the road.

Remember, you can’t prevent every accident on the road, but you can do your bit to keep figures down. Always match your style of driving to the conditions at hand and remember to remain vigilant for developing hazards or threats to your safety and the safety of others.


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