Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano are all different types of sport or suburban utility vehicles (SUV’s). A SUV broadly looks like a station wagon or may be even as an estate car. Such cars have a very high carrying capacity in terms of their passenger size and luggage items. These are four-wheeler, large sedan type of vehicles that have beautiful, elegant and classy interiors. They are also equipped with the latest and the best audio-visual features, air-conditioning vents and have comfortable leg and head space. These three SUV’s are discussed in detail in this article, which eventually helps us conclude that Ford EcoSport is a much better vehicle than Renault Duster and Nissan Terrano.

Ford EcoSport, a Commendable Vehicle:

This SUV has made huge sales in the Indian market and has received many awards and accolades. It is undoubtedly one of the best and the most efficient vehicle in this category. Its price ranges from approximately six to nine lakhs. It is available in a total of ten variants such as six petrol and four diesel. Ford EcoSport is a compact SUV, and less than four meters in length. It has three engines and is available in four variants namely Trend, Titanium, Titanium optional and Ambiente. There are eight different colors to choose from and this vehicle is equipped with all the multiple safety and security features. The EcoBoost engine is of one liter, three-cylinders and highly cost-effective.
It generates a torque of 170 Nm. The diesel and the petrol engines are of 1.5 liters but the petrol version has a higher bhp of 110. It is available in both the manual and the automatic transmissions and has a five speed manual and a six speed Powershift automatic transmission mode.

However, the automatic mode is only available with the petrol variant. The interiors are well equipped with Bluetooth, latest CD/MP3 players and steering controls. It also features rear parking sensors, auxiliary and flash/pen drive ports, keyless entry and cooled glove box. The diesel version has a fuel efficiency of 22.7Kmpl and the petrol version has three mileages depending on the engine. The one liter engine gives the highest mileage of 18.9Kmpl, the 1.5 liter engine in the manual mode delivers a mileage of 15.8Kmpl and in the automatic mode the mileage decreases to 15.6Kmpl.

ECO sports

Renault Duster’s Design and Features:

Renault is typically referred to as a pioneer of reasonable, cost-effective yet sturdy and elegant SUV’s. This vehicle has high fuel efficiency and is available in diesel as well as petrol versions. There are three engine choices, which are one petrol engine and two diesel ones. This SUV is available in nine variants namely two petrol and seven diesel. The K9K diesel engine delivers two power outputs that are 108.5 bhp and 83.8 bhp. The petrol version engine consists of four-cylinders and delivers 102.6 bhp. The price of this vehicle ranges from approximately eight to thirteen lakhs. The fuel efficiency of the diesel variant is 21 Kmpl and that of the petrol one is 19 Kmpl.

This vehicle is available in three trim levels such as RxE, RxZ and RxL. The RxZ is the most expensive and elegant variant and consists of the K9K diesel engine that delivers 108.5 bhp. However, though this car is only 4.3 meters in size it appears to be way larger, muscular and bulkier for its dimensions. It is a highly old-fashioned and a conservative car that might not appeal to everyone in comparison to Ford EcoSport. The front side of the car is also not exciting as it appears very plain, simple and banal. Though, the spacious and serene interiors slightly do compliment the boring exteriors. The mileage given by Duster is very less in comparison to EcoSport. The Duster has multiple safety and security features that are similar to the EcoSport such as Bluetooth, rear parking sensors, and Keyless entry. The overall car is good, functional and reasonable in many aspects but fails in comparison to EcoSport in terms of mileage and exterior design.


Terrano’s Design and Features:

The Japanese Nissan Terrano is a sibling to Renault Duster. It belongs to the compact SUV segment of vehicles and appears like rebranded Renault Duster. Although, Nissan has made significant changes to this car the engines of both these vehicles is the same. The external appearance is also slightly better than the Duster but nothing great as compared with EcoSport. It comes with both the petrol and the diesel engine. The petrol variant has a 1.6 liters motor and delivers a power of 102 bhp at 5850 rpm. The diesel variant delivers a power of 84 bhp and 109 bhp depending on the version. The fuel efficiency of the diesel vehicle is similar to that of Renault Duster and therefore way less than



This is why this vehicle is no way comparable to EcoSport because in a developing economy the people generally seek to buy vehicles that are not only affordable but also have long-term savings potential and mileage is the key feature for such decisions. The safety, audio-visual and feature lists are similar between all three cars such as Bluetooth, keyless entry pen/flash drive port, auxiliary music system and ABS with brake assist. The interiors of this car are somewhat similar to Duster. They give this car a very premium, elegant and sophisticated look. The car is overall highly functional, practical and the interiors appear clutter free and simplified. One of the best features of this vehicle is that it is equipped with dual front airbags and the fact that rear view mirrors at the outside can be electrically adjusted. The interiors also have a huge leg and headroom space. The boot space is also well-designed and appears spacious. However, the exterior of this vehicle appears big, huge and muscular. It has gigantic wheel arches and appears like a substantial, massive object on the road.


After analyzing the engine, mileage, exteriors and interiors of all three SUV’s namely Ford EcoSport, Renault Duster and Terrano it is very easy to conclude that EcoSport is a much better vehicle than the other two. Its diesel engine delivers higher mileage; and the exteriors are way more elegant, simple, beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. EcoSport definitely wins more stars than Duster and Terrano and is highly preferred in comparison with the other two SUV’s.


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